Splatoon 2's Newest Splatfest Pits Fantasy Lovers Against Sci-Fi Fans


Splatoon 2 is back with another Splatfest for fans to take up arms for a worth cause and fight to the death ... er ... fight to the win! With incredibly competitive hot topics in the past such as which way the toilet roll faces, condiment vs. condiment, werewolves vs. vampires, chicken nuggets vs. french fries, hot breakfast vs. cold breakfast and more - this next one is a battle for the ages. It's time to declare once and for all the winner in the most epic battle yet: sci-fi vs. fantasy.

The epic showdown pits lasers against the hearty sword and shield, an epic dragon versus a crafty space ship, a ... well ... you get the picture (or in BioWare terms: Mass Effect vs. Dragon Age). So when does the intense new Splatfest take place? Glad you asked.

The latest showdown kicks off on Friday November 17th at 9 PM PT. How Splatfests works is players must choose a side and fight for the glory! It's a PvP event for the ages. Each side represents the T-shirt of their cause and will battle it out to earn in-game currency known as Super Sea Snails that allow for Splatfest participants to cash them in for clothing perks to make their game even meaner. The losers still get a participation award, but winners get to say that they won and get more goodies. What's a little healthy competition among friends?

Splatoon 2 is exclusively available for the Nintendo Switch and is available now. Don't forget to log in and battle it out to see who is the crowning victor for the ultimate adventure experience.