New Star Wars Battlefront II Update Features 'Clone Wars' Content

EA and DICE continue to expand the world of their latest Star Wars game Battlefront II, this time [...]

EA and DICE continue to expand the world of their latest Star Wars game Battlefront II, this time bringing in more prequel content - including Clone Wars. That latest update revealed will be going live on August 29th, so to prepare for what's to come - here's the latest breakdown from the dev team.

clone wars
(Photo: EA)

New Clone Trooper skins are set to arrive in order to let players customize the Republic Army. The latest cosmetic additions will be available for Specialist, Heavy, and Assault troopers. For these, players can either purchase them individually for 20,000 credits, or a bundle for all three at 40,000.

For a little backstory on the new Troops, "The 41st Elite Corps, or Elite Corps as they came to be known, were a division of the Republic Army that were involved in many iconic battles during the Clone Wars.

Towards the end of the Clone Wars, Elite Corps were present at the Battle of Kashyyyk. Alongside Jedi Master Yoda, they came to the aid of the Wookiees on their home world. Other notable appearances were on Geonosis, where the Elite Corps were sent to assist Anakin Skywalker in retaking the planet."

"The 327th Star Corps were known for their distinctive yellow markings on their armor. Led by Jedi General Aayla Secura, they would take part in multiple battles across the Clone Wars. Notably, they were part of the Republic force that were defeated on Quell, despite the arrival of Anakin Skywalker."

New emotes, maps, and bug fixes were also included in the latest update. We've also got confirmation about the coming of General Grievous and Obi-wan Kenobi!

But if you're like me, you're excited for a map playlist. According to EA, "A new tile in the Home menu will allow for quicker matchmaking into Clone Wars related maps on Galactic Assault. By selecting that tile, you can prioritize matchmaking for Clone Wars - era maps. However, if a match is not currently running on any of those maps, you will get to play into any other Galactic Assault map. This is our first steps to help improve matchmaking in the game. We are constantly working on improving our systems, and strive to achieve progressively better matchmaking going forward."

Another feature of note from the latest update is that the Ewok Hunt is now a permanent addition to the game, "Ewok Hunt has been a favorite amongst the community since its inclusion with the Night on Endor update, and there's been a lot of talk surrounding its temporary nature. As part of the next update, Ewok Hunt will be here to stay as a permanent game mode within the operations menu."

To learn even more about what's on the way, including menu changes and bug fixes, you can see the full blog post from EA right here.