New Teamfight Tactics Item Drops Will Include Champions

Teamfight Tactics players will see a few changes to the game mode’s item drop system soon, one of which will give them the chance to get actual champions from the game’s PvE rounds. These champions that’ll drop will come right out of the rounds and onto players’ benches, Riot Games said. This change among others related to the item distribution system are scheduled to go through in Patch 9.18 assuming no problems or hesitations arise during testing.

Riot Games shared a post on the League of Legends boards to preview the release of the champions as dropped items in Teamfight Tactics. These champions will emerge from the PvE rounds and will go straight to the champion bench if there’s room, and if there’s not, they’ll be converted into gold instead.

“Champions that drop from the boxes will be added directly to your bench. (Note: If your bench is full, the units are just directly converted to gold instead),” lead modes designer Riot Mortdog said. “No tricky business with the bench and board!) We’re hoping that getting champs will pull you into unique build paths. And if not, you can simply sell them.”

Further down in the comments of that post, it was confirmed by the Rioter that players won’t have to worry about feeling bad knowing a champion they needed popped up and was immediately sold due to a lack of room. If a champion drops and the bench is full, it’ll be turned into gold instantly without players ever knowing what it would’ve been.

Another potential item drop which was mentioned previously was also discussed in the post once again. It’s called “Neeko’s Help,” and it lets players make a copy of any champion they already own so that they’ll be one step closer to upgrading the character or can just sell it for some quick gold.


“Another new item can drop, but this one's a little different,” Riot said previously in a post about a bunch of new items coming to Teamfight Tactics. “Neeko's Help is a consumable item that you can place on a champion. When you do, Neeko's Help is consumed and a 1 star copy of the champion is instantly made and added to your bench. If your bench is full, Neeko will just pop right back off, so no tricky business! Use Neeko to complete a 3 star champion, or to quickly clone a powerful Legendary champ. The choice is yours!”

These champion drops are scheduled to be released in Teamfight Tactics during Patch 9.18.