New TellTale's Walking Dead Collection Trailer Shows Off Stunning Visual Enhancements

Walking Dead Comparison

The Walking Dead Collection is a great way for fans of the popular zombie franchise to enjoy all of the chilling TellTale narratives in one go. The Collection will include all 19 episodes, including the recently third season, A New Frontier. Seasons one, two, and three will be joined by the 400 Days expansion and the Michonne mini-series.

In addition to all of the content being available on one convenient disc, the series underwent its own overhaul with audio and visual enhancements. To show off just how many improvements were made to the series as a whole, the company has released a new comparison video to demonstrate how deep the revamp goes. Check them out in the video below:

Here's what TellTale had to say about the upcoming changes and why it was important for the series:

"When The Walking Dead Collection launches on December 5, we believe it will immediately become the definitive version of the series -- not only because it gathers every last Walking Dead episode onto a single disc or download for the first time ever, but also because it provides the absolute best experience possible. This is, after all, the story of Clementine, of Lee, of myriad other characters we’ve all grown to love over the course of dozens of harrowing hours. We owed it to the story, and to our fans, to get it right.


To that end, we invested hundreds of hours into ensuring Walking Dead Collection plays smoothly and looks fantastic. It’s easy to forget how far graphics have come in the five years since Season One debuted, but...uh, let’s just say those old Xbox 360 games don’t look nearly as good as your rose-tinted memory wants you to believe. Updating The Walking Dead to today’s standards proved to be an enormous undertaking, but one we feel was well worth it to help bridge the gap between Clementine’s past and her future in the fourth and final season (due out next year)."

The Walking Dead Collection will be available for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on December 5th.