New World Apparently Blocks Amazon-Related Player Names

Amazon's New World won't allow players to have just any name that they can think of, but that's to be expected from any game that's got content filters in place. However, it appears that Amazon Games isn't keen on people using words that reference the company or its employees either in their online personas. Words like "Amazon" itself and variations of "Jeff Bezos," the owner of the massive Amazon retailer, are apparently being prohibited from use in New World.

PC Gamer reported on this after testing a couple of different names in New World to see what would work and what wouldn't. Unsurprisingly, attempts to use things like "Amazon" or "Bezos" directly in the name didn't work so well with players unable to pick things like that. Workarounds like "Bez0s" were met with similar results, so it looks like anything that's close to any of those phrases is a no go.

This isn't too out of the ordinary as far as naming policies in video games go though. League of Legends, for example, prohibits players from using the word "Riot" in their names since that's reserved for Riot Games employees. Amazon Games' naming policy takes a similar stance by listing a couple of things that players can't do including the act of impersonating "any individual or entity, including employees or representatives of Amazon," so it makes sense that the words referenced above wouldn't be allowed in players' names.

The naming policy wasn't always in effect, however, at least not in the game's closed beta prior to launch. We know this because somebody was able to grab the name "AmazonOfficial" during the beta phase which naturally would lead other players to think that person was a representative of Amazon. The account was used to relay statements about Amazon that were less than complimentary to say the least, so it's not surprising that words like this wouldn't be allowed in names within the full game.


Naming their characters has been only part of the struggle so far in New World though with players experiencing server issues and long queues at launch, but that appears to only be because so many people are trying to get in at once. The game boasted a significant number of players at launch and has held steady afterwards even amid these server problems. The New World team has responded to those issues and said it plans to offer players the chance to swap servers for free in the future if they choose to do so.