Ninja Gets Emotional Revealing What He Misses About Fortnite

During a recent Mixer stream, popular streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins found himself reminiscing about the good ol' days of Fortnite while playing the free-to-play and popular battle royale game. Recently, the streamer revealed why he hardly plays the game anymore, however, he did jump back into this week, but all it did was make him miss the old version of the game, an increasingly common sentiment among players.

While streaming the game, Ninja found himself bored with what was going on around him. It was the mid-game, which can be quite slow at times. The moment prompted Ninja to not only explain the issue causing this, but how he misses the game's old map.

"Quiet man. Quiet Fortnite. They [Epic Games] gotta do something about this mid-game, bro," said Ninja. "So many people were being held in the storm because the zone was moving so fast and the map was so big and there was no rotation, like there was no rotation in the game, so a lot of people were dying. And their fix to that was to make it like a four and a half minute storm circle close so you can outrun it. All that does is just draw this s**t out. That should have been a competitive change, not a regular change. Look at this, I haven't seen or heard a shot in five minutes."

The streamer continued, noting how he feels alone in the lobby, before transitioning into how he yearns for the Fortnite of yesteryear.


"I'm so annoyed," said Ninja. "I just miss the old POIs so much, man. I do. I do. I miss the old POIs so much. I miss Tilted. I miss Paradise. I miss OG Risky Reels, and the spot it was. "I miss Lazy Lagoon -- I miss Lazy Lagoon dude. The old map is not coming back, I just miss it dude."

As mentioned above, Ninja isn't the only person who feels this way. Many players are wishing for the old map and game back. But do you agree? Should Fortnite revert back to the old map and older mechanics? Let us know what you think in the comments section.