Ninja Reveals The Monster Amount of Twitch Subs He Had At His Peak Popularity


In 2018 , Twitch streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins broke into the mainstream thanks to the popularity of Fortnite and a little help from Drake. As a result, he featured in an official NFL Superbowl commercial, landed the cover of ESPN magazine, appeared on Ellen twice, and was basically everywhere you looked.

That said, with the Fortnite hysteria dying down, it appears the Ninja train is slowing as well. That's not to say he still isn't popular -- he's still the most popular streamer on Twitch and is a bonafide celebrity at this point -- but the Ninja hype has definitely simmered, at least a bit.

During his height though, if you used the Internet, Ninja was inescapable. But just how popular was he on Twitch? Well, Blevins recently revealed his subscriber count during the height of his popularity, and naturally it's a massive number.

During a broadcast with French streamer Gotaga yesterday, Blevins was asked what was his peak subscriber count, to which he replied, "269,000."

As you can see, Blevins seemingly confirms that during this time, he was making over $1 million just in subscription revenues, which is an absolutely insane number, but not that surprising considering it's 2018 Ninja we are talking about.

According to Blevins, he'll never achieve that peak again, partly, if not mostly, because of the stigma around streamers once they make it that big.

“Never again, though - I’ll never hit that again,” said Blevins of his subscriber count “When a gamer makes revenue or money, it’s like, ‘Oh, they make too much.’”

This is a pretty valid point. The bigger Ninja got -- and more word of how much money he was making got around -- the more hate he attracted, which is the Internet, but it's a shame that the industry and fans of it seem to ostracize someone the bigger and more mainstream they get.


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