Ninja to Play the Gears 5 Campaign on Mixer, Starting Tonight

Famed Fortnite streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins is taking a break from the battle royale game on Tuesday to play Gears 5's campaign instead. The next Gears of War game is scheduled to be released in a few days on September 10th, but Ninja will be playing through the campaign early for all his Mixer fans to enjoy. The streamer announced the playthrough on Tuesday and said it would take place on the same day at 5 p.m. CT, though it's unclear how long the stream will actually last.

Ninja's announcement on Twitter about his upcoming stream mentioned only a Gears 5 campaign playthrough and no other modes, so those looking for other modes shouldn't expect to find those there. The campaign has been the mode that's been featured the least throughout the various previews and public test runs held, so anyone who's interested in the story of Gears 5 will want to tune into this stream.

For those worried about having the whole campaign spoiled for them, it appears that Ninja won't be playing through the story in its entirety. Replying to a response to his initial tweet, the streamer said he probably wouldn't play through the whole campaign lest it be spoiled for everyone. Those wary of spoilers may only want to pop in for a moment or avoid the stream entirely though to make sure nothing is spoiled.

Ninja's scheduled stream on Mixer is the first of its kind to take place since the streamer announced his partnership with Microsoft's streaming platform. His move from Twitch to Mixer was big news in the streaming world as his fans followed him there and others speculated about how much he was paid to make the jump.

The exclusive streaming of Gears 5 makes sense seeing how Microsoft owns both the game and Mixer, and this likely won't be the last stream of its kind. Gears 5 is just a few days away with a release scheduled for September 6th, but much later on down the road, Microsoft will release Halo Infinite. Ninja was a big time Halo player back before his Fortnite days, so assuming the contract is still intact between the two when holiday 2020 comes around, you can bet we'll see Ninja playing some Halo Infinite early.


Gears 5 releases for the Xbox One and PC platforms on September 10th.