Ninja Reveals He Will No Longer Exclusively Stream on Twitch

Ninja has confirmed that he no longer has an exclusive streaming contract, meaning he can stream wherever he wants from now on. Ninja is one of the most prominent creators out there, setting Twitch records with massive streams. His biggest stream saw him playing Fortnite with rappers like Drake, something that was unheard of at that time and still doesn't really happen to this day. Ninja has had a rather wild streaming career. He made a name for himself on Twitch, but Microsoft handed him a heft bag of cash to come stream on its platform, Mixer. The Microsoft-owned platform caved in before Ninja's contract ended, allowing him to go back to Twitch, but it seems like he's leaving Twitch again... kind of.

Recently, Ninja raised a lot of eyebrows when he abruptly ended his stream and said he didn't know when he'd be live again or where he'd be streaming next. After that, Ninja lost his partner verification on Twitch, leaving many to speculate that YouTube had offered him a new deal. YouTube has been eating up Twitch's best streamers with massive contracts and it seemed like Ninja was a logical get, but it turns out, he's not really for sale. Ninja didn't renew his Twitch partnership because he will be streaming on all platforms. He has no exclusivity deal and will be multicasting on Twitch, YouTube, and more, he even joked that he may stream on OnlyFans. 

Usually those exclusive deals provide a hefty sum of cash for the streamer on top of whatever they make in donations and subscriptions, but it seems like he will be relying on his community going forward. It's unclear what the benefits of a multicast for someone like Ninja could be. It could open him up to a larger audience that aren't on Twitch or YouTube, helping him curate a larger, more expansive community in the process. As of right now, it remains to be seen how successful it will be.

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