Popular Nintendo 3DS Game Reportedly Getting New Switch Remaster

A new report has claimed that a popular first-party game that released on the Nintendo 3DS all the way back in 2012 will be getting remastered for Nintendo Switch in the coming year. Ever since the Switch launched back in 2017, we've seen a number of different titles remastered for the console. In a general sense, most of these remasters (or ports) were associated with games from the Wii U, given that these titles that came to the Switch predecessor never sold very well. And while we might still see some more Wii U ports in the future, it sounds like Nintendo is now looking to also bring back a fan-favorite game from the 3DS era. 

According to a video game insider that goes by the name Zippo, a remaster of Kid Icarus: Uprising is currently in the works for Nintendo Switch. For those unaware, Uprising is the most recent entry in the Kid Icarus series since the franchise first began back in 1986. As mentioned, the game was released over ten years ago, though, which means that Kid Icarus as a whole hasn't been seen or heard from in quite some time. 

This report from Zippo claims that the new Switch version of Kid Icarus: Uprising is being developed by Bandai Namco and will launch at an undetermined window in 2023. The game is also said to be getting a "much more accessible control scheme" for Switch, which isn't a surprise given that many of the controls in the original game were tied to the 3DS and its touch screen. 

For the most part, Kid Icarus: Uprising was incredibly well-received when it launched on 3DS. The game boasts an 83/100 score on Metacritic from critics, with the title's fan score sitting higher at 8.7/10. In short, those who played the game liked it quite a bit. 

The only downside about Uprising is that it never sold all that well, which likely led to Nintendo deciding to put the Kid Icarus series back on ice after its release. However, with the Switch now having such a massive install base, perhaps Nintendo believes that the game can find a new audience if it were to remaster the title for current-gen hardware. 

Assuming that this report is accurate, how would you feel about Nintendo remastering Kid Icarus: Uprising to Switch? Would you look to pick up this new version of the game for yourself? Let me know either down in the comments or message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.