New Nintendo Direct Announced for E3 2021

Nintendo has set the date for its big E3 2021 presentation with a Nintendo Direct event scheduled [...]

Nintendo has set the date for its big E3 2021 presentation with a Nintendo Direct event scheduled to take place on June 15th. The Tuesday stream will consist of around 40 minutes of info and insights into new games releasing for the Nintendo Switch with most of the games showcased releasing in 2021 which means people won't have to wait long to play what they see. After that, Nintendo promised around three hours of gameplay from different titles, but we don't know yet what'll be featured during that live Nintendo Treehouse portion of the event.

The next Nintendo Direct was confirmed on social media just as others have been in the past with info about the time and date shared along with a link to the site where players will be able to watch the presentation. Nintendo's E3 2021 Direct will start at 9 a.m. PT and will wrap up nearly four hours afterwards with the event watchable through things like YouTube as well as the Nintendo site itself which should have the stream embedded there when it goes live.

For those who are sure this will be the time that Nintendo finally breaks and confirms the existence of the fabled Nintendo Switch Pro, you may want to keep your hopes in check ahead of the Nintendo Direct. In its tweet, Nintendo addressed the new console rumors in a roundabout way by saying the presentation would be "focused exclusively on #NintendoSwitch software." That's "software," not "hardware," which means there shouldn't be any talks of a newer, upgraded version of the Nintendo Switch during this presentation unless Nintendo has some trick to pull.

With this event now announced, that's two of the major console players who have set dates for their E3 presentations. Xbox announced its plans first by saying it would host an event with Bethesda on June 13th just two days before Nintendo's event. That leaves only Sony now which is not participating in E3 2021 just as it skipped the event in years past, but even if the PlayStation event isn't under the E3 umbrella, you can bet there'll be one at some point in the coming weeks.

Nintendo's E3 2021 Direct will take place on June 15th at 9 a.m. PT.