Nintendo Reportedly Hits Well-Known Leaker With a Cease and Desist

Leaks are a common occurrence in the gaming industry, especially in the weeks leading up to events like E3. Many of the most well-known leakers have a lot to share during these times while others try to carve out their space in the leaker community by accurately predicting what's to come. One of those leakers that's already been established is a Twitter user by the name of Sabi, though some people might know them instead as PolarPanda. Whatever you know them as, you won't be seeing any Nintendo-related leaks from them anymore now that they've reportedly been hit with a cease and desist order from the company.

Amid leaks that were being shared within hours of the announcement about the cease and desist order, the user said on Twitter that they'd received the notice from a lawyer who represented Nintendo. They're no longer able to share an "private trade secrets" that involve the company, but that doesn't mean the leaks are going to dry up completely. Other companies are still fair game, assuming they don't follow suit after Nintendo.

Another user backed up Sabi's claims and said they'd seen an email that "threatens legal action" and that the unnamed legal firm involved in the situation has worked with Nintendo before.

The leaker in question has shared multiple leaks before and during E3 that you may have seen. GhostWire Tokyo from Bethesda and Roller Champions from Ubisoft were among the leaks, the latter of which is expected to be revealed during Ubisoft's conference on Monday. Sabi reiterated that the leaks for other companies will still keep coming, so you can expect to see more about E3 plans and upcoming games so long as they're not coming from Nintendo.


Ubisoft's press conference is next on the E3 lineup and is scheduled to take place on Monday at 1 p.m. PT.