Nintendo Fans Create Massive, Searchable Miiverse Archive


A group of dedicated Nintendo fans has created an impressive archive of millions of Miiverse posts, screenshots, and profiles for anyone to look through.

The Miiverse archive that was created by Archive Team and spearheaded by Twitter user Drastic Actions first began gathering posts and other data last year when Nintendo announced the end of the Miiverse. Almost 17 terabytes of data were saved by the team and placed into the archive, so if you’re already feeling nostalgic for days when the Miiverse was still around, digging through the archives should keep you busy for quite a while.

All regions are represented in the archives, and the team was even able to gather posts and other parts of delisted groups such as E3 communities. You can search through the archives to find a specific user if you want, or you can just plunge into the many posts and drawings that Nintendo’s social media service consisted of.

The team began gathering the data shortly after Nintendo announced in August that they’d be pulling the plug on the Miiverse. With the service scheduled to end on Nov. 8 of last year, the Archive Team moved quickly to preserve the millions upon millions of posts that now exist within the archived Miiverse.

However, the Archiverse is experiencing some connection issues at the time this is written that’s preventing users from accessing the database. Drastic Actions is posting ongoing updates on the steps that they’re taking to get the service back up and running though, and though the connection status seems shaky at the moment, further updates through the archivist’s Twitter account should alert players when the service is available.