Nintendo Reveals Nintendo Labo: DIY Switch Games for the Whole Family

Nintendo teased that it would be revealing a new way to play Nintendo Switch, and it wasn't [...]

Nintendo teased that it would be revealing a new way to play Nintendo Switch, and it wasn't kidding! Moments ago, Nintendo revealed Nintendo Labo, a DIY play kit which enables players and families to build their very own "Toy-Con" creations, which are brought to life by the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con and system. Multiple DIY game kits will start rolling out on April 20. Confused? Just check out the trailer above.

Looks pretty neat, right?! So here's how this would all play out. You and your kiddos, or you and your significant other -- hell who are we kidding, even you and your buddies on a Friday night over some beers -- will open up a cardboard sheet, from which you'll punch out various shapes and parts. Following interactive instructions on your Nintendo Switch, you'll fit these pieces together to form various tools or toys, which Nintendo has ingeniously dubbed "Toy-Con." When your Toy-Con is constructed, simply insert your Nintendo Switch system or Joy-Con controllers to bring it to live, and play various Nintendo Labo games on your Nintendo Switch!

This is an idea that we expect Nintendo to support continually over time. When it launches on April 20, Nintendo Labo will come with two kits: the "Variety Kit," containing five small projects and their respective games for $69.99, and the "Robot Kit," boasting a huge robot project and game for a whopping $79.99. UPDATE: The Nintendo Labo Robot Kit is available to pre-order now on Amazon. It would probably be a good idea to do that if you want it on launch day.

We think it's pretty dope, and it makes a lot of sense. Nintendo's primary focus with the Nintendo Switch has been accessibility, and bringing friends and family together to play. The Joy-Con are the Switch's most recognizable feature, and the biggest selling point since you always have a controller to share with friends. With Nintendo Labo, people will be coming together to build things and play in creative ways with each other; it's a very Nintendo approach to gaming, and it's a fairly cheap experiment on Nintendo's part.

Do you have kiddos? Do you live in the NYC of San Francisco areas? You could be one of the first families to try Nintendo Labo! You can sign up here for your chance to go hands on before Nintendo Labo officially launches. Good luck!

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