Nintendo Seems To Be Open To Cross-Play Game Support

While Sony doesn’t seem all too thrilled with the idea of cross-play game support, Nintendo has [...]


While Sony doesn't seem all too thrilled with the idea of cross-play game support, Nintendo has a different take on the matter.

GamesBeat recently sat down with Nintendo of America corporate communications director Charlie Scibetta to discuss a number of topics, including the appeal of the Nintendo Switch and its forthcoming games, including Super Mario Odyssey. However, it appears that the company is more than optimistic when it comes to the idea of cross-play game support.

Psyonix's Rocket League came into discussion with Scibetta noting that "it's a great game", and making its way to the Nintendo Switch. But with that, he discussed how Nintendo is trying to reach out more to companies for such support. " Our publisher and developer relations team is always talking to different companies and seeing what we can work out. I'm really happy just as a gamer, let alone working for the company, that that's going to be possible, that cross platform play. We're trying to be more flexible as a company. We're reaching out to try and get people to interact with our IP. In this case Rocket League is their IP on our system, but we're trying to get people involved with us in any way we can, whether that's on mobile now, or through Universal Studios parks, or through licensing deals like Vans.

"Once you can play the games and interact with the characters — if you're a fan already you know it exists on our dedicated systems, but say you're somebody in another country that doesn't have access to those dedicated systems. You have a phone, though, and you can play that way, and all of a sudden you're in our world. We're trying to be more flexible and bring more people in. In the case of Rocket League, it's just being flexible and working with them to make their game come to life on our system. If people want to play cross platform, we want to enable that.

And when GamesBeat asked about the possibility of cross-platform multiplayer, Scibetta simply responded, "If it's right for gamers, we're going to entertain it. If we can make it work, we're going to do it."

It sounds like Nintendo is certainly more optimistic than Sony on the multiplayer front, so, who knows, we could see more support for other such games down the road.

Rocket League will release on the Nintendo Switch later this year.