Nintendo Supports Pride Day With Play It Proud

Nintendo Play It Proud

A lot of companies are celebrating Pride Day events across the country...and Nintendo is no exception.

Jose Otero, who serves as an employee for Nintendo Treehouse, recently attended a Pride event in Seattle this weekend, and posted some updates on Twitter showcasing the company’s support for the gay and lesbian community.

You can see the pictures from Otero’s updates below, including one that shows an official company logo along with a rainbow emblem on a red sticker alongside the words “Play It Proud.”

The first images are below, and as you can see, there are a number of Nintendo folks that are supporting the cause.

Another Nintendo employee, Andy Estes, posted another image alongside his husband, showing their “Play It Pride” t-shirts.

Bill Trinen, who also works at Nintendo, also posted an update with several Pride members celebrating at the event.

Jose then posted another update with even more pictures from the event and also made note that Niantic, the creators of Pokemon GO!, are also in attendance for the event.

Nintendo’s support for Pride is getting a lot of positive comments from the Twitter community, including the following tweets:

There have been a lot of notable requests for the Play It Proud stickers. Nintendo hasn’t confirmed whether they’ll be available outside of the event just yet, but hopefully it’ll have them on hand soon.


Along with Twitter, the Resetera community has also shown positivity on its own site, with a number of users posting positive comments about Nintendo’s Pride support. Some posters have noted, “This is lovely” and “This is dope,” while others have put in requests for the shirts and stickers -- which, again, we hope Nintendo does at some point down the line.

Kudos to Nintendo and their team for supporting such a great cause!