New Nintendo Direct Date Reportedly Revealed

Over the past couple weeks, there's been rumors, reports, and "leaks" about new Nintendo Directs. Everyone and their sister's brother's sister's son has a scoop about when the next Nintendo Direct is, but up until now, none of these scoops have been that credible. That said, according to industry insider and journalist Sabi -- one of the most trusted sources in the business, especially when it comes to Nintendo scoops -- there's at least one Nintendo Direct they know is happening, and it will be a "Nindies" Direct, which is to say, focused on indie games. According to Sabi, this will go down in the middle of March.

Beyond sometime in the middle fo March, a more specific date is not provided, but it's noted that it will be around Game Developers Conference, which has been the case in the past. Further, the leaker notes that this has nothing to do with the two rumored directs for this month. In other words, those could still happen, but for now, there's not much to report on.

As for the source, one isn't identified, but they very rarely are in reports like these, because if they were, well it would most likely lead to a person or two getting fired. Because of this, the claim here should be taken with a grain of salt, however, Sabi has proven reliable in the past, so there's no reason to really doubt the claim.


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