New Nintendo Direct Announced

Nintendo has confirmed its plans for a new Nintendo Direct presentation with the next event scheduled to take place on September 23rd. While these Nintendo Direct shows typically take place earlier in the day for most people, this one will go on a bit later since it won't be starting until 3 p.m. PT on Thursday. We don't know of specific games that'll be there, but Nintendo did say that it plans to showcase Nintendo Switch games that'll be releasing during the winter within the 40-minute Direct event.

The tweet below served as Nintendo's announcement for the next Direct event that's now set for September 23rd. While some Direct events focus more on indie games or specific franchises like Pokemon, this one appears to be a broader event focusing on Switch titles overall.

Though we again don't know of specific games that'll make appearances during the next Nintendo Direct event, we know that it'll showcase games planned for winter releases this year and into early next year. Looking at Nintendo's release schedule, that leaves us with a couple of things we might be able to look forward to. Metroid Dread comes out in October while Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are coming out in November which won't be within the winter timeframe, but it's not hard to imagine them making at least a brief appearance during the event. Things like Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp are planned for early December which still disqualifies them from being winter games, but the later we get into the year, the more likely a particular game is to appear at the event.

Nintendo also has plenty of games that don't yet have release dates attached to them and could earn those dates during the event itself. Ports of games already on other consoles are among those titles, too, so it could be that we see some people's favorite games announced for the Nintendo Switch during the event. One thing Nintendo seems to be fond of more than Xbox and PlayStation is announcing games and then releasing them on the same day, so we could see that happen as well for some of the smaller titles Nintendo has planned.


The inevitable leaks and lists that'll come between now and Thursday will look to promise peeks at what Nintendo has planned for the Direct, but Nintendo hasn't yet confirmed any appearances, so be sure to tune into the event on September 23rd to see what actually transpires.