Nintendo’s Latest eShop Update Brings Kirby Battle Royale, King Of The Monsters, More

Kirby Battle Royale

For the past few weeks, we’ve gotten some truly loaded eShop updates for the Nintendo Switch and 3DS, with a variety of AAA and indie titles available for download. So it only makes sense that, for the first week of the year, Nintendo is calming down a bit with a slightly lesser update.

That said, though, there are still some pretty good titles available for picking up this week, along with a few markdowns on particular titles.

First up, on the Nintendo 3DS, there’s Kirby Battle Royale, which serves as a Smash Bros.-esque multiplayer brawler, but featuring all Kirby characters. If Smash wasn’t enough to fulfill your brawling needs on your handheld, this should do the trick.

Meanwhile, on the Nintendo Switch, you can pick up Grand Prix Rock N’Racing ($7.99), which is an arcade style racer for single and multiplayer; Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure Deluxe ($15.99), which features fun dodgeball-based action for all ages; Pic-a-Pix Deluxe ($7.99), a variation of the popular Picross games; and the SNK arcade classic King of the Monsters ($7.99), featuring an assortment of monsters brawling to win it all.

As for this week’s specials, a number of Inti Creates titles are available for marked down price, including several Nintendo Switch games. Here’s the rundown!

  • Mighty Gunvolt Burst (Nintendo Switch) $6.99
  • Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack (Nintendo Switch)- $31.99
  • Blaster Master Zero (Nintendo Switch)- $6.99
  • Azure Striker Gunvolt (Nintendo 3DS)- $5.99
  • Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 (Nintendo 3DS)- $5.99
  • Azure Striker Gunvolt: The Anime (Nintendo 3DS)- $2.09
  • Mighty Gunvolt (Nintendo 3DS)- $1.59
  • Mighty Gunvolt Burst (Nintendo 3DS)- $6.99
  • Blaster Master Zero (Nintendo 3DS)- $6.99

The sale is happening through January 14th, so you’ve got time to pick up a number of these classics.

We’ll keep you informed on what additional deals will be available next week, as well as what new titles roll around for Switch and 3DS!