Nintendo Switch's Latest Firmware Update Has Made The Satoru Iwata Tribute Golf Game Inaccessible

Nintendo Golf

Earlier this year, some loyal Nintendo Switch users were noting a special Easter Egg that was included in the hardware as a tribute to late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, where motioning with his "Direct to you" gesture with the JoyCons on the day he passed away (July 11th) would result in unlocking the NES game Golf for play on the system.

While it was a neat gesture, it appears to be a thing of the past now, as the company's latest firmware update, numbered 4.00, has apparently taken away access to the game.

A number of Switch homebrew hackers have noted that the game is still in the system, but the source code has been removed, meaning that, even if you wanted to start it up and did the gesture on the specific date, you still wouldn't be able to unlock the game.

According to Game Informer, "the official code to launch the game has been completely removed and every other part of it has been overwritten with seeming nonsense."

This isn't entirely upsetting, as Nintendo never really confirmed the game being in the source code to begin with, nor acknowledged to players how to get it unlocked. But the fact that the game is still in the system somewhere has us wondering if Nintendo will be returning it to the system – officially – in time for Iwata's birthday.


For now, we can only wait and see. There are still plenty of Nintendo classics and new titles to enjoy on the Nintendo Switch, so it's not the end of the world. But still, here's hoping that they have a tribute to Iwata coming up down the road. It would only be fitting.

The Nintendo Switch is available now.