Nintendo Switch Fortnite Could Be a Reality, According to Epic Games

nintendo switchfortnite

In a world of PUGB, another title has been the save hafen during the battle royale craze. Fortnite continues to kick ass and take names with millions of players enjoying the online title, and the free Battle Royale mode doesn't hurt either! With the title being more accessible than its winner, winner chicken dinner counterpart, the inevitable question emerges: Will it come to the Nintendo Switch? Short answer? "Hopefully!"

The team over at Epic Games is known for their involvement with their community and fans, one quick look at any of their social media accounts will tell you that. The developers are constantly answering questions and giving updates, and that's just the case here when one player inquired about the possibility of the online game making its way onto the hybrid console from the Big N.

The reactions were pretty great too, showing just how much of a market there is for this:

There's no doubt about it that a port would be incredibly beneficial for all involve.d Being able to take the competitive online play with you on the go would be a huge advantage for busy gamers, and both Nintendo and Epic Games would see a huge profit from this more mobile market. Whether it actually happens or not remains to be seen, but it is heartening to see that the desire to build upon that growth is there. And even if some Nintendo fans aren't really feeling the super competitive Battle Royale mode, the PvE portion of the game would do just as well on the portable platform.

For now, these are all just future goals but it's a good sign that the devs are interested and so are the fans!