New Nintendo Switch Game Gets Delayed 2 Days Before Release

A new game for Nintendo Switch that was slated to launch only two days from now has been delayed at the last minute. Most of the time, game delays tend to happen weeks or months before games end up releasing to give an ample heads up to fans who might be looking forward to them. Sadly, a new bug in the Switch version of one title has prompted the developer to make a delay much later than it would have liked. 

Divulged on social media today, publisher Humble Games announced that its upcoming game, Prodeus, has been delayed on Nintendo Switch. Previously planned to release on Friday, September 23rd, Prodeus is said to have run into a visual error or some sort. As a result, Humble has opted to delay the game as a whole rather sell this Switch version of the title to customers in its current state. No new information was given about when Prodeus might come to Switch, but Humble said that it hopes to have a new launch date to unveil soon enough. 

"While we're looking locked and loaded for our September 23 launch on most platforms, the forces of chaos have struck the Nintendo Switch version, and we've encountered a pretty gnarly visual bug in the home stretch," Humble explained. "In order to make sure players have the best possible experience with the game, we've decided to delay the Switch version for a bit to address this issue. [...] Thanks for your understanding, patience, and support as we work to make sure Prodeus is worth the wait!"

As Humble mentioned in its message, Prodeus, which is still poised to come to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms later this week on schedule. In fact, the game, which is akin to first-person shooters from yesteryear, has been available via early access for quite some time on Steam and Xbox. This release in the coming days is merely the game's 1.0 launch, which marks the end of a nearly two-year development cycle. 

Are you someone that is disappointed to see that Prodeus has been delayed this close to launch on Nintendo Switch? And will you still look to play the game for yourself when it does arrive? Be sure to let me know either down in the comments or message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.