Nintendo Pulls Nintendo Switch Update for the First Time Ever

Late last night, Nintendo released a new Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite update. And like the last few updates, this latest one did nothing, or at least that's what the patch notes convey. According to Nintendo, the update made "general system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience," and that's it. Now, what's going on under the hood of the update, who knows, but there's nothing to it as far as consumers are concerned. Despite this, it appears Nintendo has pulled the update with no explanation. Making this occurrence even stranger is the fact that Nintendo has never done this with the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. Not once.

Right now, there's no word of what's wrong with the update, 12.0.3, nor when it will return. Obviously, there's a reason for its removal, but it's not provided. Speculation suggests there could have been files leaking the existence of the Nintendo Switch Pro, but so far this is just speculation without any concrete evidence.

That said, while the update can no longer be downloaded, the update data hasn't been completely removed from the servers. Rather, the server relays that the console has reverted back to 12.0.2, which suggests the proposed problem above isn't the problem.

As always, we will update the story as more information is provided. However, we don't expect Nintendo to communicate any explanation, but the update should be re-released in the near future, though it will likely be tweaked.

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