Nintendo Switch Right Behind iPhone as Most Googled Tech of 2017


2017 has been a big year in innovation and tech savvy goodness, and an even bigger year for Team Nintendo with their massively successful launch of the portable hybrid console; the Nintendo Switch. That being said - tech-wise, there's a lot of competition out there and not just with gaming either. With annual releases of the latest and greatest phones, new hardware, and more - there's a lot of different ideas out there to sift through. But what's the most searchable? What are the tech ideas that people want to know more of? We've got you covered.

Google Trends has outlined their top trending searches for the year, and the Nintendo Switch not only made the cut - but Nintendo also beat out every other gaming plaform on the market with the SNES Classic also sneaking in there. As far as the "Consumer Tech" category goes, here's where the Big N ranks:

Not too shabby, Nintendo.

That being said, there are two major factors for this. The first being that the system came as a huge surprise and absolutely shattered the gaming community's expectations. After the flop that was the Wii-U, many gave up hope about a solid Nintendo experience again. Boy, were a lot of us wrong. Not only that, but more and more big names in the industry are taking note and pledging their support to the hybrid consoles, with more AAA ports from third parties than ever before.

The second, less flattering, reason of course is the infamous stock issue. Both the Switch and the SNES Classic were massively understocked when both platforms hit the market. Because of this, many consumers took to the web on a pretty constant basis to check status updates, which we are more than positive contributes to this milestone. Regardless, it's still awesome to see Nintendo once again a name on their own once more. We can't wait to see what the Big N has in store for us in 2018!