Nintendo Switch's First Pokemon Game Is Getting a Free Trial Soon

The first Pokemon game ever released on the Nintendo Switch is getting a free trial soon when Pokken Tournament DX goes free-to-play for a limited time starting on July 29th. Originally released back in 2017 for the Switch, Pokken Tournament DX marked the first arrival of the Pokemon franchise on Nintendo’s newest platform before other games like the Let’s Go! series and eventually Pokemon Sword and Shield were released. You’ll be able to play the entire game for as long as you’d like starting on July 29th, but you’ll want to get in as much time as you can before the offer ends on August 4th.

Nintendo announced the free trial of Pokken Tournament DX on Wednesday and specified when exactly the game would be available to its users. If you know you’re going to be playing it when it’s available, you can go ahead and pre-download it now by signing into your Nintendo account and starting the download process.

The only catch with this offer besides it having an expiration date is that you’ll have to be a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber. That shouldn’t be too much of a dealbreaker seeing how if you’re interested in online play within the game you’ve probably already got a membership, but you’ll need one regardless if you want to try it out.

As you may have guessed from checking out the game or seeing it before, this isn’t your typical Pokemon experience. Instead of controlling a team of Pokemon and issuing commands in a turn-based battle, you’re instead controlling the Pokemon themselves in arena brawls. You can tag in other Pokemon to help you at times, but matches will ultimately come down to how skilled you are in the fighting genre.

“Introducing the first Pokémon title for the Nintendo Switch console,” Nintendo’s overview of the game said. “Take direct control of one of 21 prized Pokémon fighters to defeat other Pokémon in arena fights. Call upon Support Pokémon to assist in the fight, then unleash your Pokémon's unique Burst Attack to climb atop the ranks. With all new modes and new ways to battle with friends, this is your chance to become champion of the Ferrum Region!”


Pokken Tournament was originally released for the Wii U before the Pokken Tournament DX port brought it to the Switch.

Pokken Tournament DX will be available as a free-to-play trial for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers starting on July 29th.