Nintendo Switch Sales Hit Over 100 Million, Surpassing the Wii

The Nintendo Switch has officially surpassed 100 million units sold, Nintendo announced as part of its latest set of financial results today. More specifically, the Nintendo Switch has hit 103.54 million in terms of total units sold as of December 31, 2021. This makes the Switch the best-selling Nintendo home console ever, passing the Nintendo Wii's lifetime sales of 101.63 million units. It had previously been reported that the Nintendo Switch had moved past the lifetime sales of the Nintendo Wii based on estimates, but this is the official confirmation from Nintendo itself.

Even more specifically, from October through December 2021, the Nintendo Switch family of systems sold a grand total 10.67 million units between the Nintendo Switch OLED, the Nintendo Switch Lite, and the base model Nintendo Switch. This is an overall year-on-year decrease according to the financials, but Nintendo's given reasoning for this is that it was due at least in part to scarcity thanks to delays in production and distribution following Black Friday.

Additionally, and as Niko Partners Senior Analyst Daniel Ahmad notes, this means that the Nintendo Switch has officially reached the milestone of 100 million units sold faster than both the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Wii, though Nintendo's popular handheld, the Nintendo DS, still reached that number even faster.

In general, the Nintendo Switch series of consoles -- the Nintendo Switch OLED, Nintendo Switch Lite, and base model Nintendo Switch -- are now available wherever such things are sold, assuming you can find any of them in stock. The Nintendo Switch OLED is the latest and greatest model, and while our review from late last year notes that while it is only an incremental upgrade, it is still the best version of the Nintendo Switch yet. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the Nintendo Switch console more broadly right here.


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