Nintendo Switch Update 10.0.4 Released, Here's What It Does

Nintendo Switch owners just got a new update for their consoles with the release of the Version [...]

Nintendo Switch owners just got a new update for their consoles with the release of the Version 10.0.4 update that's now available as of June 4th. This update follows the Version 10.0.3 update, and like the one that came before it, this Version 10.0.4 has a pretty brief set of patch notes. Instead of the typical note about improving system stability and performance which is included in most Nintendo Switch updates, this one addressed a problem which made it difficult or impossible for people to add funds or register credit card information in the Nintendo eShop. It wasn't specified which countries were affected by this issue, but it's been fixed now.

The patch notes for the update can be found on Nintendo's support site for matters pertaining to Nintendo Switch updates. It's a pretty uninteresting update with no big features to speak of, but it's at least a break from the typical "General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience" that's seen in routine updates.

Full notes for the console's latest update can be found below:

"We have fixed the issue where it was not possible in some countries or regions to add funds using a new credit card or to register credit card information in Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch," Nintendo's notes for the update said.

Updates like this one that offer smaller fixes for unique problems or general stability improvements have been the bulk of what makes up the past few releases. The last update with notable features added to the Nintendo Switch family of consoles was released on April 13th when Version 10.0.0 arrived. That's the update which added a bookmark feature to the console's "News" section, added an option to transfer saved data between system memory and SD cards, and added an option to remap controller buttons among other changes.

Nintendo just releases its updates to consoles once they're finished without previewing the changes first, but if you're a multi-console owner and want to see what's coming on other platforms, you can try to get into the Xbox Insider Program to see what's planned for Xbox Ones in the future. Microsoft recently began inviting more people into different rings of the program to give them a chance to preview what's coming. There's been talk of a new store redesign with those talks now manifesting in hands-on experiences with the updated storefront, so perhaps people will get to see more opportunities like that sooner rather than later.