New Nintendo Switch Controller Leaks Online

A new Nintendo Switch controller has seemingly leaked online ahead of its official reveal, and according to speculation, it may have something to do with the rumors that N64 games are coming to Nintendo Switch Online. The leak comes the way of a new registration filed by Nintendo and relayed by Nintendo insider and leaker, Samus Hunter, who points out that the confidential material of the registration will expire in six months, during March 2022, which in turn suggests this controller will be revealed soon.

Depending on what Nintendo Switch Online rumors you're reading, the online service is set to bolstered by either Game Boy and Game Boy Color games or N64 games. To this end, the controller may be for this and akin to the SNES controller Nintendo released when SNES games came to the online service. However, this seems unlikely given that there's nothing in the files of the console that support this. Yet, there's reason to believe this is a new piece of hardware, as these registrations are only made for new hardware models or revisions. 

"Could it be an N64/GB wireless controller like the SNES one? It's possible but unless Nintendo want to release it later than expected (next year) or they have a plan for another firmware update before its release, I have some doubts. In the OS we don't have an icon for such a controller," said Samus Hunter

For now, all we have is an inconclusive leak and speculation. In other words, take everything here with a grain of salt. While there is certainly something to this registration, right now there's no way to narrow this broad claim down. The Internet will get carried away and think this is for something like a new Joy-Con or an N64 controller, but there's not enough evidence to back up any big claim like this. 


At the moment of publishing, Nintendo hasn't addressed this leak in any capacity. We don't expect this to change as Nintendo rarely does surface with a comment on leaks, but if it does, we will be sure to update you with everything you need to know. In the meantime, for more coverage on all things Nintendo, click here.