'No Man's Sky' Leak Reveals 'Visions' Update Trailer

The next big update for No Man’s Sky has leaked to reveal “Visions,” an update that adds [...]

The next big update for No Man's Sky has leaked to reveal "Visions," an update that adds more biomes, flora, fauna, and other content.

Following not long after "The Abyss" was released, the next update apparently isn't far out with there already being a trailer out to preview the content. Seen above, the trailer is currently uploaded to the Hello Games YouTube channel as "Unlisted," so it appears it wasn't ready to be found just yet. The link to the Visions update page comes up with as "Page Not Found" when you try to visit it, but the trailer and its description do offer some insight into what's included in the update ahead of when the page eventually goes live.

"Discover a more varied, more diverse universe in the Visions update," the trailer description for the new update said. "Introducing new environmental biomes, new planet types, more colourful worlds, new fauna and flora, archaeology, salvaging, and much more…"

While exploring the new biomes, the trailer teased that players will encounter "bizarre, other-worldly" lifeforms. The trailer, in case it's taken down, gave an example of that by showing what can only be described as a tunneling creature with blade-like appendages appearing above the surface of the ground so players can track its movement. It looks like some sort of intergalactic sand shark with rocks or scales attached to it that followed the player's movement in the preview. Some of the creatures players find will be long gone though since players can unearth what the trailer referred to as "rare lucrative skeletons."

No Man's Sky Visions2
(Photo: HelloGamestube)

"Archeologists can unearth ancient lifeforms," the trailer's narrator said while showing two players overlooking some sort of exotic skeleton hidden within a pit.

The update will also create five times as many planetary biomes, many of them yielding harsher environments than players are already used to, but more features for players to toy around with will also be added. Fireworks will be launchable by players to celebrate different events, new emotes will be added to let players express themselves, and more base parts are coming to give everyone more building options. Community missions that task players with completing different tasks will also have their progress shared globally when Visions is released.

As for the release date for the Visions update, no such timeframe was given, but more information on the update should be shared soon. Should the video get taken down, discussions on forums like ResetEra are already archiving the video's contents.