No Man's Sky Reveals Fan-Requested Features Coming in the Synthesis Update

No Man’s Sky’s next big update is releasing this week when the Synthesis Update releases on [...]

No Man's Sky's next big update is releasing this week when the Synthesis Update releases on November 28th. Included in this sizable update are a bunch of fan-requested features like a better system for editing terrain and a new way to manage inventories. Those two features are just part of many more that are coming in the update which is scheduled to be released across all platforms at the same time.

Hello Games revealed the details of its big Synthesis Update within a post on the No Man's Sky site. This page went over all the highlights of the update before getting down to the more detailed patch notes where things were broken down into the specifics of what's changing.

High on the list of players' requests has been a more refined inventory management system, and that's exactly what they'll be getting in the Synthesis Update.

"Inventory management has been refined and a number of UI quality of life improvements have been added," the update's page said. "Items can be dragged and dropped to swap positions, or directly dropped onto damaged technologies for automatic repair. Control over stack sizes has been improved in the shop, transfer and charging interfaces. Hazard protection upgrades that are not relevant to the current environment are now hidden from the Quick Menu."

Details about the new terrain editing system were also provided there. Players will have two extra modes to work with when using the Terrain Manipulator and should also notice better visual effects when they're building or destroying the environment around them. You can find all of the patch notes for the "Terrain Editing" section below.

  • Significantly optimised the Terrain Manipulator for smoother planetary editing.
  • Improved the visual effects when editing terrain with the Terrain Manipulator.
  • Added a flattening mode to the Terrain Manipulator to allow quick and easy flattening of a large area.
  • Added a 'Restore' mode to the Terrain Manipulator, allowing edits to be undone and the terrain restored to its previous state.
  • Edits made using the Terrain Manipulator within the bounds of a base are now protected in the same way as edits made by base parts, preventing them from being removed by further editing outside the base.
  • Fixed a number of issues where protected base part edits were being used up by things that did not need protection, causing bases to run out of available terrain edits too early.
  • Fixed a range of issues that made using the Terrain Manipulator difficult in VR.

No Man's Sky's Synthesis Update is scheduled to release on November 28th.