NoPixel Reveals How xQc Could Be Unbanned From GTA RP

Felix 'xQc' Lengyel was recently given a permanent ban from NoPixel's GTA Online RP server, but [...]

Felix "xQc" Lengyel was recently given a permanent ban from NoPixel's GTA Online RP server, but the ban might not be as "permanent" as some would think. In a recent Twitch stream, NoPixel owner and lead developer Koil was offered Bitcoin payment in exchange for bringing back xQc. However, Koil surprised viewers by stating that he fully expects xQc to return to the server, provided he can change the way that he plays the game. Koil revealed that xQc is too competitive when it comes to the RP, and he needs to tone down his anger and stay in character.

"Listen, xQc is going to get unbanned, I guarantee it. Well, let's hope he does, we'll see how he goes on the public server that is. I mean, if he f**ks up there... it's hard to f**k up there, really. All he's got to do is not be angry, ok? Because that leads to OOC s**t," Koil said during the stream. "He just needs to learn to not give a f**k. It's a hard thing to do in RP, really it is. Because every game you always play is some sort of competitive game. When you play something like roleplay, it's very ingrained naturally in you to be competitive."

The NoPixel GTA RP takes staying in character quite seriously, so Koil's comments come as little surprise. Some of xQc's fans feel that the mods have been harder on the streamer as a result of his following, but his character "X" often ended up getting in trouble with the game's law enforcement. In turn, that would result in the streamer acting out of character in frustration.

From Koil's comments, it seems that the ball is now in xQc's court. GTA RP has become a massive draw on Twitch over the last few months, so it wouldn't be a surprise to see the streamer straighten up his act to get back to the server. It remains to be seen whether or not xQc can keep it under control, but hopefully he can learn to take it down a notch.

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