Obsidian Entertainment's Game Announcement Could Reportedly Be 'Bioshock' Related

The Game Awards is just over a week away, and it’s bound to bring some very exciting [...]

The Game Awards is just over a week away, and it's bound to bring some very exciting announcements to the table. But one fans are dying to find out more about is the new game announcement from Obsidian Entertainment, the creators of Pillars of Eternity and Fallout: New Vegas. The team has been hinting at something big recently...and a few people believe it could be related to a popular series.


While the company didn't say just what it was working on, one particular hint -- that it's working in conjunction with Take Two Interactive's Private Division -- suggests that the game could be based in the Bioshock universe. And that would be a pretty big return, considering we haven't seen anything new in that particular universe since the days of Bioshock Infinite. (Sure, Bioshock: The Collection did just come out a while ago, but those are just remastered versions of classic games.)

Some fans are already speculating that the Bioshock announcement could very well rock their worlds, based on the social media responses below:

That last one isn't too far off. The advertising featured on Obsidian's main page, and with its teasers, suggest a Bioshock-like vibe. And since Take-Two is involved, there's a pretty good chance it could be happening.

Of course, nothing is confirmed, so it could very well be an entirely original property. But Take-Two has been waiting for a good opportunity to bring Bioshock back into the fold following the closing of Irrational Games...so this could be just the way to do it.

The only thing that we could think of that would get in the way of such an announcement is the fact that Obsidian has a new owner, as Microsoft picked up the studio last month. However, that could mean a potential Xbox One console exclusive for the company, and Bioshock would be a pretty good name to have around.

We'll see what gets announced in just over a week's time when The Game Awards takes place on December 6. We'll bring you all the announcements as they happen!

You can check out Bioshock: The Collection now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.