Okami's Amaterasu Could Be Coming To DOTA 2 - With Your Help


With Okami HD, an amazing remaster of a beloved PlayStation 2 classic, coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC - it's no surprise that Amaterasu is back in the spotlight. We just didn't think he would be arriving in DOTA 2's spotlight.

The Okami favourite is now a courier in DOTA 2's Steam workshop, so fans can vote for his inclusion into the popular MOBA to see the latest transition. The only way he can be added is if he has enough votes but it looks like Steam users can't get enough. The poll campaign is already off to an incredibly strong start, which means it is very likely that Amaterasu could very well be the newest addition to the online game.

Want to cast your vote to see this happen? Check out the official Steam courier here.

Want to check out more about Okami HD? You can see the full trailer and game's changes from Capcom below:

"Experience the critically acclaimed masterpiece with its renowned Sumi-e ink art style in breathtaking high resolution. Take on the role of Amaterasu, the Japanese sun goddess who inhabits the form of a legendary white wolf, on a quest to defeat Orochi, an eight-headed demon and tyrannical monster responsible for turning the world of Nippon into a ruined wasteland."


Need even more Okami in your life? Check out the latest set of trailers that show off some of the skills, and enemies, Amaterasu will face throughout the game's stunning narrative.