One Piece: Grand Cruise Coming to PSVR, New Trailer Revealed

Get ready to board the Thousand Sunny and take to the high seas as one of the Straw Hat Pirates, One Piece fans, because Luffy and the crew are coming to virtual reality. The trailer for One Piece: Grand Cruise released earlier this month, and is now officially set for release some time in 2018.

First announced back in July, Grand Cruise is an immersive VR experience that lets fans of the beloved anime and manga franchise join in on the adventure. Players can interact with Monkey D. Luffy, Nami, Sanji, Zoro, Tony Tony Chopper and more, while also taking part in epic battles, firing cannons, and helping the crew win the day against the bad guys. Interactions with characters are managed my a "unique" system built for the game, making players feel like they're in the middle of the adventure.

Along with One Piece fans who just happen to also love video games, One Piece: Grand Cruise also looks like the perfect experience for anyone who has ever wanted to check out the One Piece Tower theme park in Japan but has never gotten the chance to go.A long with being able to tour the Thousand Sunny in VR as part of the game (as one can at the theme park -- granted, battles don't spring up around you there) the game will include the Winter and Summer experiences straight from the theme park. Speaking of One Piece Tower, anyone who heads to the theme park in real life will be able to experience the game alongside eight other players thanks to a new Grand Cruise installment.

Right now, it also looks like players in Japan will also be able to experience multiplayer mode at home, but there's no confirmed news of that function coming stateside anytime soon.

One Piece: Grand Cruise is set to release exclusively on Playstation VR in 2018.