Oreo Giving Away a Limited Edition Xbox One X System, But Don’t Eat It

Oreo sure knows how to make us eat cookies, don't they? Whether it's one of their limited edition flavors (like...Swedish Fish?) or the new The Most Stuf cookies that have the maximum amount of creme that you could ask for, they just keep making these great snackables. But now, they've limited up some limited edition items that will certainly make your mouth water.

Oreo Xbox One

A new Oreo-oriented giveaway is set to kick off, providing a number of one-of-a-kind goodies that will be given away from February 4 through National Oreo Day on March 6. (It's not a holiday, but it darn well should be.)

The promotion is called The Stuf Inside and it's offering a number of goodies that fans can win by scanning their Oreo cookies packages. Among these is a limited edition Xbox One X console, colored just like an Oreo in scattered black and white colors. No, gamers don't eat it.

The Oreo team explained the team up with Microsoft, saying, "Xbox and OREO go hand in hand when it comes to sparking playfulness, so we wanted to partner with them to create a limited-edition OREO Xbox One X for our shared." As you can see, it looks like a pretty great limited edition 1TB console, and is certainly worthy of conversation- especially if your friends are hungry.

Oreo 2

Other prizes include an Oreo-colored Jeep Wrangler, an Oreo-colored iRobot Roomba Robot Vacuum, an Oreo K2 snowboard, Oreo X Grado headphones and much, much more.

"People love playing with OREO – from finding new ways to interact with the brand, to dunking their cookies and dreaming up their own unique flavor ideas – we love to find new ways to share that playful spirit with our fans," said Justin Parnell, Senior Director, OREO brand. "The Stuf Inside promotion uses technology to give fans a new, fun way to engage with OREO by scanning an OREO cookie to unlock a playful virtual experience with deliciously unexpected prizes."

To learn more about the giveaway- and how you can take part- check out the official The Stuf Inside web page for rules and details. It kicks off tomorrow, and the more you're a fan of Oreos, the more chances you have to win.


Good luck- and, hey, pick us up a pack of Oreos while you're at it. We did tell you about the news, after all.

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