Outlast is Now Available on Nintendo Switch, Surprise!

Surpriiiiiiiise, Outlast is available now on Nintendo Switch. Though we received confirmation at [...]


Surpriiiiiiiise, Outlast is available now on Nintendo Switch. Though we received confirmation at the end of last year that the popular horror title was making its way onto the hybrid console, not many other details were provided - including a release date. Guess we didn't need that date after all because it's no here and ready to scare the pee out of you, no on the go!

The initial announcement was a whopper in itself. Not only did the team confirm Outlast for the switch, but they also addressed the future of the franchise and cleared up a few rumors. Here's what they had to say back in December:

First off, we wanted to take a moment to thank all of you that have bought Outlast 2 and have been supporting the studio for more than 5 years now. Red Barrels was nothing more than a dream, but with a lot of blood, sweat and beers it has now become a small, fully independent studio with a kickass team who can work miracles.

We strive to create unique experiences and take risks. Hopefully, we'll manage to entertain you for years to come.

About the future, many of you have been requesting a DLC. While the first Outlast was made with the idea of a DLC in mind, that was not the case for Outlast 2. We've considered many options, but none of them felt appropriate for a DLC. Outlast 2 was created to make you feel like a rat in a maze, without any knowledge of what's outside the maze.

We will, at some point, make an Outlast 3 and answers will be given. You can also check out The Murkoff Account's epilogue. It takes places right after the events of the second game and offers some insight into the events in the game.

Currently we're working on something a lot of you have been asking for... It won't be a sequel to Outlast or Outlast 2, but it will be a distinct experience set in the Outlast universe. We can't say more right now, we first need to make sure we can make it work. Like I mentioned, we strive to be risk-takers and this one is a pretty big challenge. If all goes well, we'll soon be able to reveal more.

Right now, Outlast is only available on the European eShop but it is dropping for US very soon after. It could very likely show up today as well, but should be arriving sometime this week. It also includes the prequel Whistleblower that released a year after the first Outlast title.