Overwatch 2 Removes Mei for Lengthy Period of Time

Overwatch 2 developer Blizzard Entertainment has revealed that it's removing the fan-favorite character Mei from the multiplayer shooter for a lengthy amount of time. Since Overwatch 2 launched last month, Blizzard has already needed to disable a number of Heroes at various times. Initially, Torbjorn and Bastion were pulled from the game due to bugs that had been discovered with each character. Now, Mei will also be getting removed from Overwatch 2 for a similar reason. 

In a new post on Blizzard's official forums, the studio behind Overwatch 2 informed fans that it's putting Mei on the sidelines for the first half of November. As expected, the reason for this removal is due to an error that has come about with her Ice Wall ability. Because of this, Blizzard has explained that it will be making Mei inaccessible for the next two weeks to rectify the problem. If everything goes well, she should then become usable again on November 15th. 

"We are temporarily disabling Mei to address a bug with her Ice Wall ability that allowed heroes to reach unintended locations when used with their abilities. We are working to address these issues as quickly as possible and aim to bring Mei back in our next upcoming patch which is set for November 15," Blizzard's community manager explained. "Thank you for your understanding and patience."

All in all, this isn't a huge surprise to see considering how many Overwatch 2 players have been taking advantage of this error with Mei's kit. And when it comes to her removal time, that's pretty expected as well. When both Bastion and Torbjorn were disabled in Overwatch 2 last month, they also ended up coming back roughly two weeks later. Assuming that no additional problems are found by Blizzard when looking to rectify this issue with Mei, hopefully, she'll come back to the game right on schedule. 

How do you feel about Blizzard removing Mei from Overwatch 2 for the next two weeks? And have you been taking advantage of this bug for yourself in-game? Let me know either down in the comments or shoot me a message on Twitter at @MooreMan12.