Blizzard Promises a "Ton of New Content" Is Coming to Overwatch

Overwatch players won’t have to wait much longer for new content with Blizzard promising the [...]


Overwatch players won't have to wait much longer for new content with Blizzard promising the there's plenty of new additions coming soon.

Blizzard has done a stellar job of continually adding new content to their team-based shooter, but even with all the loot, heroes, and game modes to sift through in Overwatch, it's easy to imagine that some players might still be growing tired of the content that's in place and are waiting for more events and updates to add new content.

One player in particular commented on the Overwatch forums and voiced the opinion that other players might've been thinking as well. The user commented that they were a pretty high level on their main account – suggesting they've probably got several other accounts at varying levels – and are just waiting for new skins and other content to be released. Fortunately for the poster, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan replied to the comment and said that they've got new content on the way.

"We have a ton of new content coming," said Kaplan. "Not only are there some really awesome items coming for upcoming events, early next year we'll be adding *a lot* of new items to the base loot box. You don't have long to wait!"

The comment was a welcome one for those who were waiting to hear more about upcoming Overwatch content, but some were worried that the "a lot" portion of Kaplan's comments referred specifically to new Overwatch League skins. Kaplan corrected that assumption by saying that the OWL skins "are something different entirely" and that they'll have more information coming on the League and its skins soon.

The specifics of what kinds of content players will get remains to be seen, but if Kaplan's comments on the timeframe are any indication, it won't be much longer before the "ton of new content" is made available for everyone. Based on past skins and events that have been added to Overwatch for free, players can expect that there will be something for just about everyone whenever Blizzard unveils what they have planned for the next couple of releases.