Overwatch Is Getting the Lego Treatment

With Gamescom taking place this week, the publishers at Blizzard have some big plans for the show, [...]

(Photo: The Daily Star)

With Gamescom taking place this week, the publishers at Blizzard have some big plans for the show, with each of their franchises being represented. But some teasing on Twitter may have revealed what the company has planned for Overwatch: Lego toys!

Both the Overwatch and Lego Twitter accounts are teasing such a team-up, featuring a small movie with six silhouettes of characters from the game, along with the tagline "HEROES WANTED. Some building required" and "Assemble your team. Overwatch + Lego Group: Coming Soon!" That's not an official confirmation, but it sure looks like we'll be getting it tonight. You can see the nearly identical tweets below, along with their messages.

This follows a report filed by the Daily Star suggesting that Overwatch Lego figures were coming, continuing Blizzard's plans to extend the franchise into other markets, similar to what it's doing with the Nerf weapons it recently introduced.

It's unknown which characters will be making the cut the first time around, but based on the brief video snippets above, we see Widowmaker, Reinhardt, Genji, Soldier 76, Mercy and McCree. And considering her popularity, we don't see why Tracer wouldn't make the cut, especially since the Daily Star suggested she would be included with the image above.

This could be huge news for Blizzard, as it expands Overwatch into a younger market, despite the game being rated "T" for Teen. (To be fair, it doesn't have any bloodshed, just competitive action.) And with the Overwatch League set to kick off a second season down the road, it helps to have another product to offer fans.

We'll have all the official details once the collaboration is set to go. But, yeah, we want to see Tracer get the Lego treatment for real. We need yet another figure for our desks. Or for that matter, a few figures. Heck, let's get a whole map set going here!

Overwatch is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.