'Overwatch' Halloween Terror Pharah Skin Revealed

Blizzard revealed Overwatch's new Enchanted Armor Pharah skin ahead of this year's Halloween Terror event.

Keeping to the trend of trickling out the new Halloween skins in brief previews ahead of Halloween Terror 2018's start, Pharah is the latest hero to have her skin revealed. A Legendary skin that features some ghostly, greenish-blue spectral energy encased in a dark set of armor, the Enchanted Armor Pharah skin takes a page from the Legend of Sleepy Hollow story by modeling the skin with a Headless Horseman vibe.

Widowmaker's concerned about how they'll pick off Pharah from the sky with a well-placed headshot need not worry though as the Pharah skin only removes her helmet during the out-of-game pose seen in the video above. As seen towards the end of the skin teaser when Pharah lands on the ground, the helmet is back on to allow enemies to land their headshots on the airborne hero.

Pharah's skin is just one of many to be included in the Halloween Terror 2018 set of skins with several other cosmetics seen before hers. Prior to this reveal, Blizzard showed off another Halloween-themed skin for Widowmaker, an Epic skin that covers her outfit and weapons with spiderweb patterns. Both Moira and Doomfist were also included in the Halloween Terror reveals to bring the total number of confirmed skins up to four different cosmetics at this time with more expected to be previewed before the event officially begins.

The event's start date isn't far away either with Overwatch's Halloween event scheduled to start on October 9th. Blizzard revealed the dates for the event days ago with a video that showed Dr. Junkenstein, the Junkrat skin that serves as the mascot for Halloween Terror. After starting early next week, the event will last until the end of the month on October 31st. The Halloween-skinned Eichenwalde map was shown in the preview to indicate that it'll be making a return to the game along with the skins, but the rest of Blizzard's plans haven't been revealed yet. Past events have brought new highlight animations, emotes, and more cosmetics beyond the skins to give an indication of what to expect from this year's event.


Overwatch's Halloween Terror 2018 event starts on October 9th.