Overwatch Teases Hero 31

Overwatch's next hero hasn't been revealed just yet, but game director Jeff Kaplan says that the character is coming "soon enough." We don't yet know what Hero 31 is all about, but Kaplan did drop some interesting teasers about the currently unknown character. Kaplan emphasized the word "he" when talking about Hero 31 to confirm that it'll be a male character, and he also said that this next character won't be available as soon as people might think it will be.

Speaking about the new hero in the July 2019 update for Overwatch, Kaplan acknowledged that people are probably by now wondering where the next hero is and when he'll be released. Kaplan reassured players that the hero is on the way and shared some insights into the character's development.

Well don't worry, we are working on a hero," Kaplan said. "Hero number 31 is going to be awesome, but he is going to be released a little bit later than you're used to. But he'll be here soon enough, so don't worry. And we think a little bit of extra time is going to make the hero even more awesome.

We still can't discern much about the hero based on those comments, but it's at least reassuring to hear an update from Blizzard, even if it's one that says the next hero isn't going to be out when people thought it would be. Like you'll see around any Overwatch hero release, players have begun their own theory-crafting in the past and currently to try and figure out who the next hero will be. Some people may have already figured it out among the many possibilities that are out there, but like we've seen with Wrecking Ball, the hero's reveal might not always be what player expect even if they're correct about certain parts of the character.

Kaplan's discussion also touched on the Summer Games event that's returning this year, but unlike the new hero, this feature is coming sooner rather than later. The start of the video above saw Kaplan saying that the event will start "much sooner" than players are used to. For reference, 2018's Summer Games event began on August 9th and lasted for the rest of the month.


Look for more details on the next Overwatch hero from Kaplan in others in the future, but expect to hear more about the Summer Games event before that.