New Overwatch LEGO Line Announced, Coming Soon

When Blizzard first announced they were releasing an FPS, fans were a little confused given their [...]

When Blizzard first announced they were releasing an FPS, fans were a little confused given their usual wheelhouse of games. When Overwatch finally made its official debut, doubts were quickly squashed and the series became a multi-million dollar franchise within its first year. Rightfully so, the heroes are as dynamic as they are interesting which makes the newly revealed LEGO line infinitely more exciting!

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In an effort to expand the outreach for Blizzard's heroes, and in addition to the previously announced Nerf Blaster line coming soon, the team over at LEGO have announced their own plans for the franchise. According to a recent press release, LEGO is planning a new construction line that will include various aspects of the game, including the characters themselves, set at various price points. We don't have any details yet for specifics, but both D.Va and Genji's voice actors have revealed via their Instagram stories their miniature versions and they are looking cute!

As far as the Overwatch Nerf line that is also on the way this collaboration looks like it's going to be a fun one. The play weapons themselves will be the "Nerf Rival Line" and will be similar to that of paintball, just a little less pain inducing.

This isn't the Nerf Rival's first time in a collaborative effort either. Their most recent mashup comes at the perfect time with Deadpool 2 hitting theaters, with their standard models also available! It's a pretty fun time and definitely a neat way to harness your main in the real world. Just make sure you have a healer. And for the love of god, get on the payload!

Overwatch is now available to play for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Speaking of the shooter, did you see that Hanzo is getting yet another rework? This is what one dev had to say about the infamous Shimada brother:

"We've been testing some nerfs internally and have decided to make a change for the upcoming patch," Overwatch principal designer Geoff Goodman wrote on the forums. "We're reducing the damage per arrow from 80 to 70, which not only drops them out of one-shot territory for 200 hp heroes (w/ dmg boost), but also drops them out of one-shot range of 150 heroes such as Tracer and D.Va pilot."