Pro Overwatch Players Reveal Which Hero They Hate The Most

Whether 'I need healing' haunts your nightmares, or that dreaded 'Nerf this!' fills you with dread [...]


Whether "I need healing" haunts your nightmares, or that dreaded "Nerf this!" fills you with dread ... every Overwatch player has that one hero they just can't stand (looking at you, Hanzo mains). The Blizzard hit FPS has a quite a few different ones to choose from, each with their own abilities, backstories, and voice lines. Some spammed more than others. But when you play Overwatch professionally, it's a lot harder to escape that which you can't stand. With the Overwatch League in full effect, it's time to learn who the pros themselves can't stand the most.

During the Overwatch League event, several pro players took a second to talk to IGN about their thoughts on the hit shooter from Blizzard. When asked who would be the first character they would like to see removed, Mercy was overwhelmingly put to the top of that list. This is most likely due to the fact that this healer has been nerfed into oblivion and changed so many times, it's hard to get a handle on her. Her Ultimate is now also rendered basically useless in PTR. Though one Los Angeles Valiant team member said it was mostly because of that ult that she's hated:

"So if I could go back in time and secretly remove a hero, it would be Mercy because I think Resurrection in a first-person shooter game like Overwatch, it's not fun to spectate. It's not fun to play with. It's not fun to play against, especially."

Blizzard apparently thinks along the same lines as many times as they have changed her abilities as a healer, making the reason many players love her almost obsolete. With all of the re-balancing the developers have done to this support hero, it's very possible that she might end up removed entirely seeing as they can't seem to agree on how to handle her.

Though we will admit, we're surprised that Mercy was at the top. If the forums and in-game chat are anything to go by, we were half expecting the Shimada brothers to top that list. Still, it's interesting to see it from the perspective of someone that plays this game for a living - we just wonder if this will have any bearings on future updates.