‘Overwatch’ PTR Fans, Ashe Is Now Available

Over the weekend during the BlizzCon event, Overwatch fans were introduced to Ashe, the latest gun-slinging Hero that'll be making her way to the game. She's quick with a shot and quicker with stealing your heart during a match; and with the help of her robot cohort B.O.B., she's twice as deadly.

And now we've got a pretty good idea of when she's going to arrive in the game -- well, for PTR players anyway.

The latest developer update on the Overwatch YouTube channel has revealed that both Ashe and B.O.B. are available in the PTR test serves as of...today. In it, director Jeff Kaplan revealed that the character is now on hand, along with some of Ashe's abilities.

Kaplan explained that Ashe can really get the job done as either a damage or DPS hero, with the help of her Viper rifle. She can actually quick-fire on opponents when they come at her, or she can aim down her sites with precision aiming. So you can fine-tune your gunfire or let it fly loose, depending on whichever scenario you get in.

You also learn more about how Ashe went in a "bad direction" with her personality, becoming more bossy ("Do something, B.O.B.!") and fierce with her gameplay style.

She also has great secondary abilities, such as the Coach Gun, which serves as a great mobility tool; as well as dynamite, which can be thrown and explodes after a few seconds, with high damage as a result. Ashe can also shoot at it to make it blow up more quickly, with an accurate shot.

Finally, there's the ultimate, and that's where B.O.B. comes in, charging at foes like a mad marauder.

As for a general release, Kaplan hasn't revealed when she and B.O.B. will be coming to the game just yet. However, considering she's already highly playable and making the rounds in PTR, it wouldn't be a shock if we see her surface in time for the holidays. Fingers crossed!


You can watch the debut of Ashe here, if you just need to get more of your fix of her. There's also a new cinematic that's lots of fun, and can be viewed here.

Overwatch is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.