Overwatch Is Adding a Replay Feature

Overwatch is finally joining the ranks of other games where clip-worthy plays happen by adding a replay feature to let players relive their best moments. Through the new replay feature that's now on the Public Test Realm for testing, players will be able to watch clips from their recent games for a set amount of time. It's a feature that's been requested often and one that has a variety of uses including basking in your own greatest moments as well as rewatching a game to analyze what the teams did from different perspectives and where you could've done things better.

Blizzard unveiled the new feature in the midst of the Anniversary Event that's going on now and said it'd been added to the PTR for testing. It's currently only on the PC platform, but the plan is to bring it to consoles as well. a timeframe for when that may happen was not provided.

Like other games which boast a replay feature, this one will only keep a number of your games saved at any given time. Replays will be viewable from different perspectives such as first-person, third-person, and a top-down view like one might occasionally see when watching Overwatch's professionally scene.

"You can view available Replays from your Player Profile under the Replays tab. There you'll be able to load up your 10 most recent matches in all game modes (except for Tutorial and Practice Range)," Blizzard said about the new feature. "Replays will be available for the duration of a patch; as with Highlights, your Replays will be reset when a new patch launches."

Special controls are also in place for replays so that you aren't clicking around everywhere all the time, each of those seen through the link above. Blizzard also laid out some of the ways players can use these replays to better themselves and be more prepared for the next time. Watching individual players use their heroes will give you an idea of how to use yours if you're not as experienced with one character or role, and a map overlay will give insights into teams' strategies by showing where every character is at all times.


The reveal of replays that are now on the PTR follows the arrival of the Workshop which left the PTR and came to live servers just recently. Blizzard's latest anniversary event is currently underway in the middle all this and has its own set of new loot to explore.