'Overwatch' Update on Roadhog "Hopefully" Coming This Week

Overwatch's Roadhog players can look forward to some sort of update on the tank hero this week, assuming Blizzard's plans work out.

Changes for the tank are a bit overdue with Blizzard's Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan saying weeks ago that the developers had expected Roadhog changes to be revealed before the hero adjustments were delayed. In a more recent announcement, Kaplan gave Roadhog players some hope to cling to by responding to a player's post on the Overwatch forums. When one user asked how the Roadhog changes were coming along and said that they hoped an update would be shared soon if the changes weren't ready to be seen on the PTR, Kaplan responded to say "Hopefully this week."

The user's question was phrased in a way that Kaplan's response could mean more than one thing. With the user saying "I hope we get updated on this soon if they aren't coming to PTR for a bit," Kaplan's answer could mean that the changes will be revealed this week or it could simply be saying that Blizzard will have more news to share on the hero update process. There's also a chance that they could be coming to the PTR soon with a reveal coming prior to that, but that all depends on whether Kaplan's and Blizzard's plans to have something ready this week play out at all.

(Photo: Blizzard)

Going off of what was last said about Roadhog, players can expect to see some kind of new animation in the hero's kit. Whether that means he has a new ability or just a reworked version of an existing one remains to be seen, but Kaplan said in September that the changes were delayed due to a needed animation.

"Yes, Roadhog changes were intended for this round of PTR but required animation so they've been delayed a bit. He's not getting a 'rework'… just some tuning/balancing," Kaplan said on the Overwatch forums. "Will take a bit more time then the recent PTR changes that went up, however."


Kaplan also refuted a claim in the past forums post that Blizzard didn't care about tank players, the poster going as far as saying they felt like Blizzard hated tank players. The game director shared an image of his Overwatch stats and said that it would be more beneficial to have a discussion on what the players did or didn't like about tanks rather than having "hyberbolic" discussions.

Overwatch players should get some sort of update this week on that status of Roadhog's changes.