Pac-Man Ready To Hit The Casinos With A Multiplayer Gambling Machine


Seeing video game characters on pachino and casino machines is nothing new – just ask Konami, a company that’s plastered a number of its licenses, from Metal Gear Solid 3 to Silent Hill, on such machines. But now Bandai Namco is getting back into the act, bringing one of its most iconic characters – and a not-so-typical set-up to winning money.

The company has introduced Pac-Man Battle Casino, a machine it made alongside the developer at Gamblit Gaming, who serves as the :leading publisher for real-money and skill-base dgaming for land based casinos.” So, yeah, it’s not just your routine slot machine.

In fact, Battle Casino actually has a lot in common with the 2011 arcade release Pac-Man Battle Royale, the four-player opus where rival Pac-Men battle it out in a last Pac standing sort of way, fighting off ghosts and each other.

The game, as you can see below, is set up like a party machine, with one player on each of the sides. Two to four players can take part in the session, wagering who will win before the game starts and taking a spin based on the prize wheel. From there, payouts are given based more on luck rather than amount wagered, so even if you’re good at Battle Royale, you can still lose.

Pac 2

The game is built using the Gamblit Model G, a touch-screen based system with amenities for potential gamblers, including a USB charging port (in case their phone is dying) and a cup holder for your favorite drink.


That said, you probably shouldn’t expect the machine to hit Las Vegas right away. Pac-Man Battle Casino isn’t expected to arrive until sometime in 2018, probably after Bandai Namco and Gamblit take it through its testing run. After that, though, it’s sure to be a hit in casinos everywhere…and who knows? We might be seeing Galaga and other licenses hit the gambling circuit in the future. Who thinks they can beat me at Dig-Dug Battle?!

In the meantime, you can catch Pac-Man Battle Royale in arcades now, as well as in the Pac-Man Museum compilation for Xbox 360 (and Xbox One) and PlayStation 3.