PAC-MAN Championship Edition 2 Plus Announced for Nintendo Switch

Retro-game lovers and arcade game lovers are psyched this morning. Bandai Namco just revealed PAC-MAN Championship Edition 2 Plus, which is slated to chomp its way to Nintendo Switch on February 22. Along with the announcement we also got a slick and super colorful new trailer, which you can check out above!

PAC-MAN Championship Edition is widely renowned for its new-school take on the old-school PAC-MAN formula. Sure, there's loads of classic PAC-MAN gameplay to wear your thumbs out, but there are tons of new modes, new stages, and mechanic twists to keep you engaged. It doesn't hurt that the game is drop dead gorgeous. What's more, the Nintendo Switch version will feature a brand new two-player mode, which is the Plus in PAC-MAN Championship Edition 2 Plus.

From this morning's press release: "The Nintendo Switch version of PAC-MAN Championship Edition 2 PLUS also comes with an exclusive two player co-op mode called PAC-MAN Championship Edition 2 PLUS 2P for twice the fun! Team up on a single Nintendo Switch with each player controlling their PAC-MAN character with a single Joy-Con across multiple mazes to rack up the highest score possible. Special co-op maneuvers give this mode a unique spin on traditional PAC-MAN gameplay."

For those of you who were wondering, this was the mysterious new game announcement that Bandai Namco was showing off at its press event over the weekend. Rumors about a Dark Souls Remaster and Soul Calibur VI on Switch were circulating, but you can't hold that against Bandai Namco, it never publicized the press event to begin with.


We couldn't be more excited. We've been waiting for the Championship Edition games to make their way to Switch, and we were expecting straight ports. Bandai Namco has upped the ante this time, and this is something we'll gladly snatch up day-one. We'll keep you updated with footage and impressions as we're able.