One Farm Makes The Ultimate Pac-Man Tribute With Elaborate Corn Maze Design

pacman loop by pxlflx-d9cczgw

Gamers - we're known for making some off the wall creations in the name of our beloved fandoms but one Idaho farm took it to a completely different level. The ultimate Pac-Man tirbute is here and ... it's a corn maze. A very, very elaborate corn maze.

Taking a cue from other dedicated fans that work out in the field (looking at you, epic Super Mario Bros maze), the latest crop creation is nothing short of impressive and a perfect way to rehash that Pac-Man love of old.


The farm in question created the elaborate tribute as part of the yearly annual Corn Maze and Pumpkin Festival. Idaho's The Farmstead created the "Pac-Maize" on an 18 acre canvas of corn field and they used their medium in the most effective way possible. See the yellow icon in action alongside the infamous ghosts, the recognizable fruits, and the level system seen throughout the classic game.

We're not sure what else The Farmstead has in store, but we hope to see even more gaming tributes in the future because this is an awesome way to pay homage to a beloved staple in video game history.


"Pac-Man is an arcade game created by Toru Iwatani and released by Namco in May 22, 1980 under the name "Puck Man". The name of the game was later changed to "Pac-Man" due to vandalism of the "P" in "Puck" into an offensive word. The game wasn't intended to be too popular at first, but when released, the game was a huge success. This resulted in many sequels of the game, including Ms. Pac-Man. The game has been cloned innumerable times, and re-released in many compilations."

(via CNN)