Paladins Is Coming to Nintendo Switch This Month

Paladins, the free-to-play hero shooter from Hi-Rez Studios, is coming to Nintendo Switch! This morning Hi-Rez confirmed the rumors and revealed that its flagship shooter would be headed to the Switch on June 12. You can check out the announcement trailer above!

Almost everything you would hope for in a Nintendo Switch version of Paladins is confirmed in that trailer, y'all. Though Unreal Engine 3 isn't natively supported on the Switch, the team at Hi-Rez has created a custom port and managed to give players a 60 fps experience, with crossplay capabilities. Crossplay will enable players on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One to face off against each other. Since many of you have been asking, we'll confirm that gyro aiming will not be present when the game launches on June 12, but the team "is considering" it.

So here's the deal. On June 12, you can be one of the first people in the world to play Paladins on Switch by becoming a founder. Founder's Packs will be $29.99, and will include all 36 current Paladins champions, as well as all future champions added to the game. Your Founder's Pack will entitle you to a few exclusive cosmetic items as well. For everyone else, a free-to-play version of Paladins will launch later this summer.

"We're thrilled to bring one of the world's most popular shooters to an incredible platform like Nintendo Switch," said Paladins Executive Producer Chris Larson. "Players will experience the same fantastic team-based shooter gameplay they know and love in Paladins, now in the palms of their hands."

Paladins has set itself apart as a genre darling for its unique blend of gunplay and magic. Its high-fantasy setting lends itself to beautiful, original stages, and some incredibly creative champion designs. Of course, the biggest x-factor here is the card-based loadout system, which empowers players to tune and tweak their own loadouts to suit their play-styles. You can think of these cards kind of like perks; they're all unlocked immediately, for free, so when you find a champion you resonate with, make sure to start experimenting with different cards and loadouts to create the perfect fragging machine.


It was not revealed whether or not Realm Royale would eventually make its way to Switch as well, but since that particular experience is still in its early alpha stages of production, we don't recommend holding your breath for an announcement. Paladins' flagship strategic game modes will keep you occupied for many months to come, and this morning's announcement confirmed that the upcoming "Rise of Furia" event will be coming to Switch later this month.

Stay tuned for more!